Thursday, 14 April 2011

Y axis issues and retuning to 0.36 Z axis resolution

I continue to have issues with my Y axis, I have exhausted all software options...
So now there are only hardware options. I have asked another NZ reprap person to print me a new set of pulleys as high a resolution as they can manage.  If this fails to improve things, I will look at investing in some commercially made pulleys.

In the mean time Ive been learning on how to tune skeinforge, I found this nice collection of test objects and instructions here  

I noticed a little while ago that the default Z axis resolution is 0.4mm in using skeinforge 35. Reading up on this a lot of people tune their Z axis to less than this, the record is 0.1mm  most go for 0.36mm. The issue is volume, the volume extruded from a 0.5mm nozzle, the lower the Z value, the volume has to spill out into the  X and Y Axis. This is why you can get smaller nozzles. The common nozzle sizes seem to be 0.5, 0.4, 0.35 and 0.25

I have decided to re-tune for 0.36mm steps in the Z axis.

i started with the standard 20x20x10mm boxes, as per the article I used solid infill

The first test looked  like a toffee that has been in the sun to long.
The second looks nearly the same, but from the side angle...

The issue here is that the layers build up, fractionally over size, till the nozzle scrapes the plastic to the side.

The solution is to reduce the extrusion rate. After 5 attempts I have a standard solid test cube with a Z resolution of 0.36mm

I then made a 20x20x20mm solid cube and verified the issue wasn't still happening at a higher level, it was a little and few minor tweaks later and that that was also corrected.

For now the reprap is on hold till i get new pulleys, or sort something else out.

In the mean time, I have finally located pipe for the main frame of my CNC machine. 

I will replacing the spine of my CNC with this soon.

Why I mention it here in my reprap blog is that the aim of this CNC machine is to mill Reprap cct boards. And maybe even some of the parts from solid materials.

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