Monday, 11 April 2011

Issues with Y Axis

Im still having issues with my Y axis, I seem to have stopped the random size discrepancies, I pulled the axis apart and found that the board didn't run down the bearings very well, it was quite tight. I moved the right hand bearing right by about a 16th of a nut rotation and is now a lot loser.   Now I seem to have over and under shoot issue, where its doesnt seem to end up quite in the correct place. I have currently glued the nuts of the belt holders down so I can pull the belt tight and tighten the screws without a third arm!

In the mean time I printed this, as it doesnt need to be so dimentualy acurate

Back to The Y axis, I have never liked the way the Y asis bearings work. Apparently I am not alone in this.

I was looking at the Prusa kit from

I noticed that instead of the standard washer and bearing combination of a standard Prusa on the Y axis they have a Printed part. The standard part has a space of 9.6mm with a 5mm pulley in it, this wanders off the bearing all the time and im sure its not doing anything any good.

After a bit of hunting I the piece found it on thingiverse and have made two.

Unfortunately this is right in the heart of the machine, and it will require rebuilding nearly the entire machine... Im not that keen on that at the moment. Ill try all other options before installing these.

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