Thursday, 7 April 2011

Added my first thing, and size calibrations continued

I Just added my first thing to thingiverse. Hopefully this is the first of many things designed by myself.

Its a filament stand, it keeps the filament off of the stepper motor and its cables.
It was an interesting thing to design in openscad, as I wanted round parts, its not obvious how one does this at first.

Im still having some issues calibrating things so that they turn out the correct size. This should be linear, Q many degrees move the Y-axis R mm, but it doesnt seem to want to be that simple.

I have printed myself a test pattern to look at this further.

These boxes are 10 mm larger than the previous one.
Then I measured what I got vs what it should be...
Currently the larger sizes are more accurate than the smaller ones.
Eg the 20mm is 19.67 x 18.69
But the 80mm is 79.89 x 79.87
The Y-axis seems to vary a lot...


  1. What are you using to do your measurements?

  2. The above test pattern and digital calipers. There is enough of a bump that you can hook the calipers on to.