Thursday, 31 March 2011

Repstrap software

Firstly what does the software do?, obviously it allows you to control your reprap, but it is so much more. This is the smarts that takes a 3D model and cuts it up into layers to be printed.

Most people seem to be under the impression there is only the official reprap software and you must use that.  This is not the case.

After talking with another reprapper I have decided to run the software and firmware.

The reasons in short are:
Nicer GUI
Less buggy (this is just my impression)
The system parameters are in configuration files vs. in the firmware
The firmware also support using the SD card
The GUI lets you pass the generated G-CODE threw Skeinforge from within the GUI
You can also select which version of Skeinforge you want to run.

Once again I struck a snag, the standard firmware does not directly support a stepper driven extruder

Luckily you can compile it in, full details here.
NB you need to run Skienforge 3.5 so you can run the RPMFY plugin to change the motor gcode commands into stepper gcode commands. 

Tuning the reprap is also a time consuming but the following link helps a lot.


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