Thursday, 31 March 2011

Building the Prusa Mendel

I acquired more m8 rod and all the other required vitamins and it was time to build

First some Frame triangles

Then the entire frame

Add some steppers  and the Y Axis

And all the rest and move the electronics from the repstrap

And finally with head added, a print test.

It works!!!

First 'real' print
This little guy I found on thingiverse  I had to shrink him by 50% he took just over an hour to print. He is just big enough to hold my iPhone (oh the irony)

Test 40x40x20mm cubes now take only 6 minutes to print, a vast improvement on over an hour.

This is where I'm up to so far.

But I am far from finished, there are still niggles to address. The Z axis threads are not as parallel to the Z bearings as they should be, consequently they kept breaking the coupler and require a lot more force than they should to move, for now I am using an aluminum couplers till I work out which part needs moved where and why etc.... 
Also one day soon I intend making a heated build platform to once and for all kill any remaining warping.

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